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Real talk: sewing is good for my mental health. When things are going crazy in other parts of my life sewing provides an awesome escape where I have to focus on the task at hand and my thoughts finally quiet down. It’s a powerful tool in my wellness arsenal and the best part is I get something (generally) super gorgeous to wear at the end! Double win! And when things are super crazy my favourite thing to do is to get an old faithful pattern out, select some super fun fabric and get to work. And what better way to enjoy some sewing therapy than with one of my fave patterns of all time!

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This rather familiar frock is an oldie but a goodie – the Belladone Dress by Deer and Doe. This sassy sleeveless number is cinched at the waist, with an A-line skirt and diagonal pockets. I have the original version of this pattern which features a cutout back. The new version (also in PDF) has the cutout back as Version A and a closed back as Version B. I really dig the fit of this bodice and need to get my act together and draw up a closed back bodice piece which would not be that hard… Though I could use that time to binge watch The Good Place and knit socks. Hmmmm… A lady has to have priorities!

Deer and Doe. Belladone Dress, Robe Belladone, Belladone Review. Deer and Doe Review, Floral Dress, Sewing, Me Made Wardrobe,

The fabric is a rather fun tropical-print cotton sateen from good ole Spotlight. I have such a soft spot for a sateen – it is super forgiving when you need to unpick (and let’s be real this lady does that A LOT), has a little bit of give which is great for when you eat extra pie and it presses like a dream. I went with a sateen for this dress because I like the A-line skirt nice and full but wanted to avoid the hem facing. This is mainly because I always forget to cut them out 😉

To be honest I didn’t even look at the instructions for this because I’m totes rogue. Or just couldn’t be bothered trying to decode the French. But if I recall correctly, the illustrations were super informative last time. It’s a pretty straight forward construction and the cut out back is easy to construct as long as you mark notches. I had fun with the bias binding and feel like it draws lots of attention to the back detail.

Deer and Doe. Belladone Dress, Robe Belladone, Belladone Review. Deer and Doe Review, Floral Dress, Sewing, Me Made Wardrobe,

As Deer and Doe draft for a D cup, I tend to risk things a little and not toile when making a pattern for the first time (or a long time in ages). This bad boy is a straight size and fits pretty well. I find the neckline doesn’t sit quite flush on me and next time will rotate this excess out. Otherwise, huzzah for companies that have a block pretty close to my shape!

Deer and Doe. Belladone Dress, Robe Belladone, Belladone Review. Deer and Doe Review, Floral Dress, Sewing, Me Made Wardrobe,

What I liked about this pattern:

  • The back cutout. It’s still super fun several years later. Gah, that makes me sound like Old Lady Sewing – “I used to treadle my machine five minutes to warm it up and five minutes to cool it down…”
  • How quick it was. I think the combo of the sweet and easy design and the sateen made for a ninja project. Boom!
  • The bust fit. No FBA makes my heart sing!

What I would change for next time:

  • Fix the neckline. Let’s get fancy and google how to rotate excess out! (or I could look into my TAFE workbooks but google is faster – lazy win!)
  • Draft up a closed back. I have a feeling once I have this bodice properly fit I could start getting into all kinds of design mischief…
  • Make a gingham one. Ladulsatina has totally inspired me!

The Deets

Pattern: Belladone Dress by Deer and Doe

Fabric: 1.5m of cotton sateen from Spotlight

Notions: thread, invisible zip and bias binding all from stash

Size: 44

Alterations: left off hem facings which doesn’t count but this line looked weird blank

See also: past me, Peneloping, Ladulsatina

Deer and Doe. Belladone Dress, Robe Belladone, Belladone Review. Deer and Doe Review, Floral Dress, Sewing, Me Made Wardrobe,

Overall, I seriously love this little summer frock and the relaxation it brought me during it’s construction. It is super cute and I have been wearing it a bunch in this warm weather with my personal fave combo of a denim jacket and white Chuck Taylors. Who doesn’t love a sundress that works with your sneakers?! In fact, I love this bad boy so much it’s going to accompany me out of the hospital this week with my fancy new reconstructed ankle. Because sometimes we all need a little bit of extra sass in our step. Sass in our step? Get it?! Bad ankle puns are going to get me through this recovery – mwah ha ha! Now I better hop to it… Oh, someone stop me!




  1. Very cute dress, and I obviously live in the wrong hemisphere! (Bad snowjo is lurking on my horizon.) On the Amanda health watch, I sincerely hope that this is not your sewing ankle. And please remember that physical therapy is quite serious, and not punny at all!

  2. Are you me?! Because I love this pattern for all the same reasons. I think Deer and Doe are the only pattern company that actually fit my Irish bust! Loving your Belladone, that fabric is fab. I haven’t made one for ages, but am planning a maxi version in purple linen for next summer – it’s autumn here in the UK. Hope all goes well with your ankle.

  3. Why didn’t I know Deer & Doe drafts for a D cup??! That’s the best news I’ve had all day! I love your dress – I always loved this dress too but the last thing I want to do EVER is draw attention to my waist which is pretty much non-existent at 62 :)) Beautiful what can be done with contrast bias tape – oh but confidence you need to have with even stitching!

    • Isn’t it the best?! I seriously love their block! My secret to amazing bias binding is actually a bias binding machine foot. Best $30 I ever spent! It makes me want to bind all the things!

  4. It’s absolutely gorgeous! And I really love the fit on you!

    A good friend was hospitalized this weekend; I sewed an amazing top from an infuriating poly georgette…and FAST. Stress-fueled sewing is something!

    • Hot dang! That is a ninja turn around on a frock! What an awesome friend you are 😀
      And I have to say post-surgery I’m super glad of the sundresses I’ve made this year. It’s all I’m wearing!

  5. Beautiful! I love the black piping with the tropical print sateen. And the fit is super. Just gorgeous. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and you’re back up and at ’em sooner than later!

  6. love this version. I keep thinking I should make one of these, but I worry a bit about adjustments I might need (I might need a small bust adjustment!)

  7. Interesting, about Deer and Doe drafting for a D cup… because their patterns are the only ones that fit me perfectly with no adjustments and I am a B/C cup.

    • That is interesting! I read the D cup info back on a blog when they first came out so take it with a grain of salt – my intel is pretty old :o)

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