Amanda vs floral Zadie jumpsuit

At the start of December I took a trawl through the instagram hashtag for all my makes and noticed that over the last couple of years that I had slowly and subconsciously been removing prints and louder colours from sewing projects. I’ve got a few theories on why it was happening and not liking how my sneaky brain was working, decided to flip the switch the other way and grab a bunch of super loud and colourful fabrics for the start of 2021. Now, some of these are bound to end up bananas but I’m here for the ride as Amanda gets her joyful wardrobe back so buckle up for the most intense one first. It’s zesty!

This is the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory of which I have previously made a fab black linen version of. I really dig this pattern–it’s super fun and every version I have seen looks ace on folks. I wear my black version a heap and every time someone will ask where I got it from which is always fun!

Now the fabric is where things shine. This is a cotton satin from Spotlight featuring a super rad Australian flora design called Full Bloom by Kirsten Katz. As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it was destined for a jumpsuit. I am hoping the cotton will soften a bit with some wear but the colour is vibrant and holds up well after five washes so far.

Construction wise, I took out 1cm from the rise as I found my linen version sits a lot lower than I like. In hindsight, this may be due to the linen relaxing over lots of wears but it still feels a bit odd. The 1cm has definitely helped with this and it feels pretty bang on–even though it can require a little bit of Cirque du Soleil magic to get in sometimes 😀

The Deets

Pattern: Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory

Fabric: 3m of Kirsten Katz cotton satin in Full Bloom from Spotlight

Notions: thread

Size: 16 (was between sizes and went down due to the amount of ease)

Alterations: removed 1cm from the rise, added 5cm to leg length

See also: Past Amanda

Overall, I’m on the fence about this one. My husband has called this “aggressively floral” (I’m taking this as a compliment!) and I adore the fabric but something feels a bit off. I think the hem length isn’t quite right and I’m not sure whether to shorten or lengthen it so will play around with this. But regardless of whether or not this becomes an MVP, it’s a delight to be adding a piece of relentlessly cheerful clothing into my wardrobe! PS sorry for the out of focus photos but after downloading them and discovering my camera wanted to focus on my Swiss cheese plant and not me it was too late to try and retake them. I mean, look at that majesty poking its way into the top right there!

Scene stealer! 😀


  1. Great work. So bright and cheerful. I look forward to finding out what you decided about the leg length in the end.

  2. I adore this, the fabric is glorious and even more so as a Zadie. I agree that the length looks off, I wonder though if that is because of the ankle strap on your sandals? If not, I would shorten the legs so that the narrowest part of your ankles is visible.

    • That is a great tip–thank you! I am going to try this with my flats and go from there as I those are what I wear most of the time. I’ll report back!

  3. Ooh, I love it! I have tried to find something that is “off” about it, but I can’t find anything! Maybe try it on with a variety of different shoes/heels that you may want to wear it with to see whether longer or shorter would work best with other shoes? I actually really like this length with these shoes…
    (@bruennhilde on Insta)

    • Thank you! You’re bang on the money–I generally wear everything with my Converse which are super flat so will give them a go and see how it looks!

  4. To soften a fabric, you can try Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns trick- wash it inCoke, the old fashioned kind, not diet etc. no soap. Go look it up and perhaps try on a scrap. I have used this on a few things and it did work for me. Aggressively floral?!? Great term for a rad/fab make!

  5. Seriously fabulous, I really love this and I’m generally not a floral type. It’d be a great excuse to break out an aggressively pink/ watermelon lippy too don’t you think? I love my Zadie but agree it was a bit long in the crotch here too. X

  6. This is a real shot in the arm – so cheering on such a dull, grey day here in the UK. I love the colours and it looks so much fun to wear.

  7. Yep, most aggressively fabulously floral, and it is AWESOME!

    Admittedly I may have done a fair bit of petting of this very fabric in my local Spotties so I may not be the most unbiased observer. But we great minds think alike. Nods.

    As for the off… Hmmm. definitely something to experiment with, with pins, shoes etc. Sometimes I make something that looks good with shoes I only wear like 3 times a year. But taking it up can make it work with others I do wear all year. You know, stuff like that.

    Personally, if worst comes to worst and you can’t find a happy medium somewhere, I think it would make an absolutely darling playsuit. Just sayin’…

    Have fun! Report back!

    • Ohhh that is a brilliant solution! I’m going to try cuffing it to wear with my Chuck Taylors and if that doesn’t work totes going for a playsuit!

      • And since the legs look wide all down the length you can pin, safety pin even, to get the idea before the big chop. I actually really want to sew this pattern myself, but I just haven’t gotten round to it. But can you tell I’ve thought a lot about its possibilities?!

        Looking foward to your experimentation!

  8. It looks fab, aggressively fab! I like the extra length and plan to do the same on my First and Future Zadie but I also plan to taper the leg…

  9. Hi Amanda,
    I have to say that looking at you wearing it (totally fabulous, btw, both you and ensemble) my instinct was also to taper the leg rather than shorten, if you did anything at all. Also agree ankle strap on shoe may be the issue, rather than length of trouser leg. I love checking out your blog.

    • Hi Kelly, that definitely seems to be the consensus! I’m hoping the weather will settle tomorrow so I can give it a wash and then its off for some tapering. Thanks for your thoughts on this! 😀

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Amanda!! I don’t mind the length, but I’m a sucker for a gaucho style. Maybe it feels off because of the stiffness of the fabric? Either way, the aggressive floral is beautiful on you!


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