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For this rad lady, winter is all about the comfort options. We’re talking comfort podcast (The Adventure Zone), comfort beverage (cocoa with at least 5 marshmallows) and comfort clothes (flannel PJs with elastic waist). Using the theorem that comfort = winter win I have been gently coaxing my sewing mojo out of hibernation with a comfy pattern and fabric combo. Sadly, no elastic waists included…

This pattern is an oldie but a goodie – the Deer and Doe Plaintain T-Shirt. The Plantain is a scoop necked tee with a flared hem and as with all D+D patterns seems to treat my FBA-needing lady cargo pretty well. The size range of the Plantain has increased and now runs from a 34 to a 52. And did I mention this sucker is a freebie? That is my kind of price tag!

The fabric is a lightweight merino jersey in the ivory colourway from The Fabric Store. I snaffled this in Melbourne but you can find it in any of their stores and online. I’ve used this before for making a tee and it lasted really well. I was always hesitant to wear a merino t-shirt because for some reason I thought I’d overheat but the rad Rachel changed my mind on this a few years back and I’m glad I listened. I wore this top repeatedly on holiday in Vanuatu and it lasted well in the warmth and humidity. This lady stayed as fresh as a sassy daisy!

The construction of this sucker was super easy. There is only a few pieces and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The exciting news is that I played around on my coverstitch with this one and had fun with a fancy hem. Do I need that extra line of stitching? Heck no! But it makes me feel fancy and isn’t that what creating your own clothes is all about?

Alterations wise, I slimmed down the sides of the tee. The flared shape is great for wearing a tee out but I wanted something for tucking into my chambray shorts and my jeans. No fancy technique here but thought it was worth mentioning as there are draglines round the back over my hips when the shirt is out. Here is a picture I prepared earlier to illustrate this (gosh I’m good like that!) 😉

What I liked about this pattern:

  • That sweet scoop neck. This is the main reason I keep making this tee – the scoop is just perfect.
  • It is a quick win. With my sewing mojo completely shot something like that practical and quick to make is a good confidence booster.

What I would change for next time:

  • Find out what the go is with those drag lines near the armholes. It’s time to don my deerstalker hat!
  • Potentially shorten the hem by a couple of centimetres if I want to wear it untucked. I like my shirts to hit my hip bones and no longer. Geez I’m fussy!

The Deets

Pattern: Plantain Tee from Dee & Doe

Fabric: 1m of ivory merino jersey from The Fabric Store in Melbourne.

Notions: thread

Size: 44

Adjustments: straightened side seam from below bust to hem

See also: shameless plug for Past-Amanda

Overall, I love the Plantain t-shirt and I have been wearing the heck out of this one. I even made another one up in a tissue weight jersey I got from Mood a ways back. While I love that top it is waaaaay too transparent to wear out of the house so just imagine a super rad and floaty eggplant coloured version of the above… Nice work! You imagined it perfectly! Now to see if I can coax my sewing mojo to make something else that is not a t-shirt… I believe there is some Liberty silk calling my name!





  1. Love your Tee! I was curious to know what you meant by “seems to treat my FBA-needing lady cargo pretty well” – does that mean you don’t have to do an FBA with this pattern?! which would be AMAZING to know since I always have to 🙂 I JUST had this Plantain printed at the copyshop a few days ago (I downloaded at least a year ago) and I’m excited to try the pattern which is why I was curious about your FBA 🙂 Your Plantain has really inspired me to get that pattern taped up asap!

  2. Having asked you a question I’d REALLY like to read the answer to I should have ticked the box “notify me of follow up comments” so if you wouldn’t mind answering my fba question to this comment I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  3. I too love this pattern. Interesting re merino in warm weather, I’d never had thunk it! Also I wonder if using fabric with a little Lycra in it would help with those drag lines?

    • The merino was so dang good in Vanuatu! I have fully converted! Apparently the current version of the Plantain has been redrafted around the arms to help combat the drag lines (my version is from a number of years back). I’m going to make one of the new ones up and report back!

  4. Always great Fabric from The Fabric Store. Love to read a fellow Aussie.
    To help you with your deerstalker re the drag lines, I think you need more length in the back – several fitting books suggest a high rounded back adjustment. I just had to do my first on a Silhouette Patterns blouse and suddenly the drag lines went away – though I did have to add 1.5 cm to get the top to cover my back. You do not have to add anything to the front with this adjustment. Good Luck

    • Ohhh! Thank you for the tip! I shall give it a bash – my FFRP bible didn’t have any clear illustrations that outlined this problem so I’m super grateful *tips the deerstalker* 😀

  5. Love the look of this– that merino is perfect. I was just looking for a t-shirt pattern and have had the plantain printed out sitting in my stash for YEARS! Also the fact that you didn’t have to do a FBA is awesome.

    • Anything that doesn’t require an FBA is a win from me (total lazy sewasaurus here!) Glad I’m not the only pone who sits on patterns for a ways before making them – my PDF pile is getting pretty crazy! 😀

    • I used used the coverstitch only on the sleeves and hem. I’ve got the binding foot on my birthday present list so will be going neck bands once that bad boy arrives 😀

  6. Very nice! I’ve always been hesitant to make my own t-shirts. I’ve had success in the past, but there is something about them that just does not scream “sew me!” However, if I had some of your lovely fabric, I may be tempted to try again – off to hunt some down!

    • The fabric totally makes all the difference! I made a white plantain tee earlier this year but in a dodgy and cheap knit. It looked and felt horrid on and I ended up donating it. This merino version is AMAZEBALLS! Well worth giving this fabric I go – totally worth it!!! 🙂

  7. You had me at Adventure Zone! I’m not all caught up but winter is aiding me in churning through the last few. All I want to do is sit on the couch and listen to my boys.

    I love the shirt. The scoop on that IS perfect! I have been contemplating some merino shirts also, maybe this will push me into giving it a go!

    • OMG we have to discuss when you are caught up! The first episode of Story and Song is AMAZEBALLS! My poor husband refuses to listen so I have no one to nerd squee with 😀

      The merino is totally worth it for tees. I have ordered some more to make a few more tops. This lady is never going back!

      • I am about halfway through the Stolen Century arc and we decided to stop listening until it was done, so we could listen all together. I was finding it frustrating because I am enjoying the storytelling but also I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Aaaaand… now I am avoiding it because I know it’s going to destroy me, emotionally 😛 Dang Griffin and his emotionally resonant characters! Also I listen with my partner and we’ve been having trouble finding time we both want to listen, but I have to do it soon because I’m starting to get spoiled by the internet. I will report back XD

        • Gah! Work has been bananas and I have been MIA so sorry for the late reply O_o
          I totally loved the Stolen Century arc – I know peeps were all “too railroad-y” etc but I just adored getting to know the rest of the crew. The ending absolutely SLAYED me – I held it together for a chunk of the final episode and then started crying at my desk at work and had to stop listening. Curse you Griffin – you sweet little DM! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the final! We must discuss! 😀

      • ack! All of this!! I listened to today’s Love to Sew podcast, and immediately came to check out your blog. Casually scrolling…and then AN ADVENTURE ZONE REFERENCE?!?

        My husband and I are both big gaming nerds. We have our respective crafts (woodworking and sewing) set up together in our back bedroom and will listen to TAZ and other actual play podcasts while we work.

        • Heck, yes! That sounds like the dream!!! This D+D nerd is obsessed with TAZ! 😀 Have you watched Critical Role? I am super keen to try it out but I would prefer to listen rather than watch (need to figure out how to do this!)

          • I’m a listen rather than watch DnD nerd myself. I follow Acq Inc, C Team, and Dice Camera Action for the most part. Dragons and Places are our on our co-listen list, but we haven’t had time to do so together to check it out. I can’t remember if I have tried out Critical Role – i’ll add it to my list!

  8. Lovely t-shirt that looks perfect on you. I like the idea of not having to do a FBA, and have just downloaded the Plantain pattern. Interesting to hear that the merino jersey is good in summer – I will have to try it. Lucky you having a cover stitch machine – which model do you have?

    • The merino is fabulous and I’m a total convert 😀

      My coverstitch is a Janome CoverPro 2000CPX. I seriously love this machine for the fierce hems!

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