Amanda vs Colette Patterns Meringue Skirt

Alternate blog post title: Why Wood Panel is the New Neutral…

I have obsession with Ikea fabric. Not in a crazy “I’m going to carpet my house and walls in the latest eclectic sailboat print” but in a “I have a special pile in my fabric stash that has about 10 different types of Ikea fabric” way. Heck, there were Ikea curtain fabric picnic blankets at my wedding, there is Ikea fabric stretched over canvases on the walls in my house and I’ve made multiple home sewn items featuring Ikea fabric- epic Iris shorts, anyone? So when it comes down conquering an anxiety inducing attempt to start sewing again I go with what feels comfortable and right. And for me that is a no brainer combo of Ikea fabric and Colette Patterns.

A little preview of my epic wood panel Meringue skirt.

For those who have been following me ol’ chunk o’ the internet for a ways now, you may remember I got the Colette Patterns book around Christmas time and had a brief flirtation with the Taffy blouse. After that the lovely book has become my reference guide for techniques and fittings but the patterns have been looking all sad and sulky. “Sew me, Amanda!” I could hear them whisper. But ignored the sad little pattern cries and was instead  lured into sassy pink capes, crazy disco leggings and polka dot tea dresses. And then this happened.
Bird Attack Meringue Skirt

Bird attack! No, actually some therapeutic sewing. I need to state that I was not that enamoured of the wood panel when I selected it to make this skirt. It was more a “let’s axe through the stuff I don’t love so if this screws up I won’t be all sad face panda” rather then “this would look fab” kinda thing. But once I scalloped this sucker up I was officially in love. How can you not be with such adorable scallops?
A Bird In The Hand Meringue Skirt

Jeepers. How many times can I use scallops in one post? I think there may need to be a drinking game with a sip for every use of scallops and Ikea. Maybe a chug for when I use velour (hint: that won’t happen in this post). But I digress…

What I loved about this pattern:

    • It’s Colette so it was super easy to to follow and work through as well as no adjustments needed. Honestly, it is like they make the skirts and shorts based on my measurements.
    • How quick it was once I had cut out my scallop template.
    • The freaking scallops. Those things have sassed up this a-line skirt like nobody’s business.


Meringue Skirt Scallop

What I would change for next time:

  • I’m going to waistband this sucker. I want to learn how to do piping and nice simple project like this where I could pipe between the skirt and the waistband wouldn’t be too scary.
  • Keep my scallop tracing template. I’m a lazy lady and that thing took me a good 15 minutes I could have been sewing.
  • Neaten up the inside more. I was thinking this would be a muslin so was fairly sloppy about the whole process so I shall be fancier next time.
Meringue Skirt Inside

This skirt is totes becoming part of my work wardrobe. I’m planning to cardi and brooch up this ensemble for Monday. Who is going to be the sassiest museum educator in Canberra at work next week? Well, I do believe it shall be me. Let’s get educated in awesome, I say!

Meringue Skirt Front

So how do I wrap this up succinctly? Ah, I’ve got it! Wood panel is the new neutral. Get on it!




  1. I’m generally not a fan of wood paneling (I painted the wood paneled room in my house blue) but wood paneling on your skirt = awesome. And I’m glad you survived the bird attack. At least it was just a cardinal and not a woodpecker, right? ha

  2. Wood panelling in real life can be such an epic fail, I agree! Thank goodness it was indeed a cardinal- those woodpeckers are scary about their fashion choices! 😛

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