#bpSewvember 2015

Since I was tiny I have liked to name things. People, trees, lamps, animals. Everything scored a name and those names were not always winners. I’ve had a car called Mabel, a bird called Squidgy Bob and Bimble’s full name is Button T. Wuzzle, Esq. Eep! So when it came time to dust off #bpSewvember for 2015 I thought it could be time to jazz up the name. Second year running means a top sequel name, right? An afternoon of brainstorming and gin has lead me to:

  • 2 Fast 2 Sewvember
  • Sewing 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • A Good Day to Sewvember
  • Live Free or Sew Hard

Better yet, let’s just call it #bpSewvember. It’s for the best.

bpSewvember 2015

#bpSewvember is a month long photo a day challenge running throughout November. Sewing is often seen as a solitary pastime so this is a great way to make connections with other awesome sewing peeps from all round the world! Get to know new people, sticky beak their stashes and share tips and tricks to kick more sewing butt… And if you’re like me you’ll end the month with a list of tools, fabrics and patterns you will want to buy… Oops…

Below is a cheat sheet to the prompts for each day. Please feel free to share this on Instagram, your blog or any other social media that floats your boat. The prompts will be posted on my Instagram account each day throughout November. I’ll also have a little blurb fleshing out each of the ideas – especially the ones phrased in Amanda-talk. We’ll be starting on November 1 and going all the way through to November 30.

bpSewvember 2015 Prompts

Like last year there will be a daily round up of the awesome images from the previous prompt – make sure you tag your pictures with #bpSewvember so everyone can check them out!

So……are you in?



  1. I only started an Instagram account a couple of months ago precisely so I could join in with this kind of thing, hoorah! Be gentle with me though, I’m still learning…. Oh and I used to name things too – I had a coat called Susie the bear and a bike called Donnie. x

  2. I had a hamster called Bollinger Stolichnaya, a car called Bagpuss and my bike is called Charlene. Nothing wrong with naming EVERYTHING 😀

  3. Yay! Can’t wait to get in on this again.
    And I may or may not have given first names to the herbs in my garden. I think creative naming is just an innate aspect of creative personalities…

  4. I once had a pink doll I named Pink Baby, and a green doll I named Green Baby… so… I’m all for straight forward names. 🙂 But I am impressed with your naming creativity for everything else – that’s clearly a skill I lack.

  5. Thanks again for organizing. I am in again as I enjoyed it so much last year. Naming things is what a lot of us do although I can’t say I am as creative as you.

  6. Definitely! Last year was such fun!
    Also, my car is Eunice. A previous car was Arthur. You just “know” whether it’s a boy or girl, don’t you?


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