Sewing Photo A Day Challenge

Amanda vs Tie Front Blouse

Growing up I wanted to be many things: a politician, a teacher, a palaeontologist, an astronaut and a pirate. I crossed politician off my belt with president of the student council and have been rocking teaching for over a decade now. I thought the pirate aspirations where done and dusted when I was drafted to…

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Amanda vs Pyjamas of Radness

There is that hard time in every lady’s life where you have to face the hard truths. That be your university major is not going to work for you (business major = fail for me) or that the hair colour you’re owning makes you look jaundiced (redheads the world over- I envy you!) or even…

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Amanda vs Simplicity 2154 Big Bow Blouse

Sometimes it’s important to look subtle yet stylish. Sometimes it’s important to have a little sass in your outfit. And sometimes you need a big ass bow taking over your blouse. That’s where we’re at today, lovely readers, big ass bow land. This is not a bow that has met subtle. In fact, this is…

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Amanda vs Simplicity 2154 Pencil Skirt

When I finally got a job in the office I thought my life and wardrobe was so going to change. No more spending lunch hours in my classroom madly planning or being constrained to unsassy trousers because you’re teaching Italian street theatre to 15 year olds and need to be able to tumble across the…

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