Emergency Room Chic… and a finished dress!

Amanda’s top tips for being an Emergency Room rockstar.


  • Make sure that you are wearing pants that should be seen in public. Perhaps a muumuu kept in the derby bag for occasions such as these should be mandatory.
  • Create a short sock puppet skit (minus the socks) to explain how you were injured. Bonus points for entertaining voices that make the consulting medic laugh (could be pity laughter, but I say try your luck!)
  • Let the triage medic give you crazy full-on pain killers. Be warned they will space you out like crazy and then you will have a sore stomach. Yay for pain relief, boo hiss for feeling ick.


    • Sing to your consulting physio/x-ray technician/triage nurse/random guy sitting on the bench near you in obvious pain. Especially a song about cats and dinosaurs in a lyrical style similar to that of ancient Grecian saga poems with a polka influence. Though the painkillers may have influenced this somewhat… or maybe not…
    • Avoid handling crutches like a race car driver which may result in a smack into a wall/desk/door. Hmm… let’s blame this on the painkillers too.
    • Stop the sock puppet explanation of injury to pat your husbands face for no explicable reason. Yup… painkillers there too.


And now, gentle readers, you too are ready to rock it out ER style. Though with less George Clooney and more crazy eyed skaters on painkillers…
And on that note- I’m back and now with a free limp! How many bloggers give you that kind of upgrade? The last two and a bit weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster and I apologise for the delay in posting but Bimble and Pimble is ready to rock and roll again.
So, without further ado, check out this eye-bleedingly bright zesty summer number Lisette 2245!
New Dress
Well, it would be if I had grabbed shot outside in the sun. But you get what I mean. I mixed up some zesty Lisette poplin and twill and came up with a whole lot of yellow and pink! In fact, here is a closer to life colour picture.

Close up

And I love this. It’s crazy and bright and light and summery! And it is just as sassy inside. Look at this neat finish!


What I loved about this pattern:

What I would change with this pattern for next time:
    • Use the notes I made- I have never used a Simplicity pattern before and the instructions were harder to decode than Colette Patterns.
    • Gather the armholes a little for a better fit.
    • Use the finished garment measurements to help establish a size for muslin fitting.
    • Use a different skirt pattern. The fabric I used just didn’t drape nicely in the fuller skirt pattern and I adjusted it three times to something more fitted. See the bell skirt below…
Bell Skirt
Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out and I’d like to try it again with a plain fabric and make a bow belt to set it off. It’s a flattering fit and I like how the bodice feature takes it from plain to sassy… And just because I feel like gloating, here’s a little side view…


And I’m eyeing off another Lisette pattern for my next project. It’s time to get organised for my Smithsonian exchange. It’s on like Donkey Kong, peeps!



  1. This is so you! 🙂 Love the detail at the waistline – I wouldn’t want to see that covered up by a belt, though – it’s really pretty! 🙂 Maybe a bit of piping or something there instead? 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kat! I’m definitely getting on this piping wagon Symon suggested. Though I’ve never piped before… Might be time to google, methinks…

  3. Thank you so much, Fabric-y! Anytime something I make reminds someone of a dessert is a win for me. Yippee! And nope- my pressing ankle is still good to go. Would be a bummer if I was left handed though!

  4. Hi Dreamstress! And thanks, I’m such a big fan of pink and yellow, pink and purple, pink and well, whatever other colour I can think of… I swear it goes with everything!

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