Amanda vs Eucalypt Tank

Sometimes you need a challenge to get you going after a bit of a meh patch *cough* stupid injury *cough*. For me that was the ridiculously exciting opportunity to pattern test Megan Neilsen’s new Eucalypt Tank. We all know my love of sleeveless tops is vast and unending and combine that with a simple yet sassy pattern to help me learn to sew using my left foot and I was in. This was my first project post injury and I’m so excited to show it off! Let me introduce you to the Aztec Tank of Doom!

I must confess to making the simplest version of this top. Between sewing with silk for the second time and having just injured my foot at derby and learning to sew with my left foot I need something pretty straightforward. I did grade the pattern down a size from bust to hips as I wanted a fairly straight side silhoutte but otherwise this was a straightforward make. Bam!

Gah! The pains of trying to photograph this top! Apparently my rad Aztec bars are too awesome to allow a point of focus on the ole iPhone. This fabric has been sitting in my stash since our New York trip last year. I had just entered Mood Fabrics and had pretty much started twitching like a squirrel on sherbet in the silk section when this bad boy was being swatched. It’s totally not my normal style but for some reason I had to have it and very politely snitched the bolt away after it was finished with. So thank you ridiculously well dressed design student guys- you’re helping this Canberra gal get sassy 12 months on! Of note- I ended up using the wrong side of the fabric as I preferred the colours and the matte finish. Also it feels absolutely amazing on. Silk win!

Now this pattern is totes a hi/lo top. I’ve seen me a whole bunch of hi/lo tops around the internet and whilst I think others can rock the look I am not sure I’m completely sold on them myself. I have too many crazy memories of being in school and trying to avoid tucking our uniform shirts completely in by kind of scrunching the sides of our tops into our skirts and letting the back hang out while the front was shorter. Blergh. But I am happy to say when wearing this I did not feel like a grungy 90s school kid. Win!

Now things aren’t looking too hi/lo there. But wait until you see the back view. Rock!

But let’s not forget my last silk tank attempt that, whilst a rad pattern, ended up with the most hideous bias binding ever seen by lady or beast. That wasn’t going to be happening again with this number, folks. I was ridiculously careful cutting these pieces out, sewing them together and pressing them like a boss. All 2.4 metres or so of them. Yup. And I tell you what, the patience paid off. Look how neat they are!

One thing that surprised me was the fact that French seams are included as part of the instructions for the tank. As I was working with this silk I was going to French seam it up anyway but when I started reading the instructions I was pipped at the post. I must admit that when working with delicate fabrics I love these seams because it makes me feel all fancy like. Is it weird if you try to show people how neat your internal shirt seams are? Because I fear I’m heading down that road with this top… BWAH HA HA!

What I loved about this pattern:

  • How detailed the instructions were. This is designed for beginner sewists and Megan has done a rad job explaining things super clearly and with great illustrations. For the first time ever when I did French seams I didn’t have to have the Colette Handbook open in front of me guiding every step. Booyah!
  • The customisation options included in the pack. You can get all fancy and piece the front together or get cray and make a dress. Options win!
  • How quick and simple this bad boy is. If you don’t use silk. And don’t have to learn how to sew with your non-dominant foot. While trying to keep two small dogs from jumping in your lap in a thunderstorm. You know, the normal things.
What I would change for next time:
  • I need to adjust the armholes a bit- they feel a little gape-y at the front. I might also bring the height of bottom of the armholevup 1/2″ as well so I don’t have to worry about flashing peeps with my bra. I’m such a saucy minx!
  • I’m going to bring the length up a little for some spring versions later in the year as this length looks great with tights and jeans but not so much with shorts. Please come back to me soon warmth, I beg you!!!
Overall, I’m rather taken with this tank- it’s super comfy and when I wear it I think about our epic trip and having waaaay too many sangrias at Stitch after fabric shopping. And to make this even more nostalgi-licious the rad necklace I have on is actually two handbag handles I picked up from a notions store across the road from Mood that I have jimmied together. Like. A. Boss. I have to say I can’t wear this top without the necklace as I feel like I have a nude neck.



  1. those seams are definitely worth a close-up! love the fabric and I can’t believe you used your LEFT foot!

  2. If you don’t see the back, you do totally think that your necklace is a trim you added to the neckline! I say: Thumbs up! Oh, did I say the fabric is a killer ≧(´▽`)≦

  3. Good going leftie! I love your Aztec vibe and the inside finish is wicked. Btw, you know you HAVE to eat chilli chocolate while wearing this top don’t you? If you ever come to the uk, I’ll have to take you to Cadbury World to hear the (factually correct) Aztec chilli choc story…

  4. At first I totally thought the necklace was attached to the top. Either way its a very cool top and an equally cool necklace. Love the print! And yay for learning to sew left footed.

  5. Not to sound like a biatch (im used to it) but I think I like it better without the necklace? 🙂

  6. Isn’t it such a great pattern? I need a breather before I hit silk again. That stuff is taxing!

  7. It took me aaaaaaages, Sarah! Lefty wants to go full throttle or not at all. I feel like he needs to lift his game 😀

  8. OMG I have to eat some chilli chocolate! Thank goodness you brought this up, Sabs! (ps when I finally get to the UK we totes have a Cadbury World catch up on the cards!)

  9. So fashion forward! As for hi-lo’s, i’m on the fence, like you. I think it looks good on others, but not on me.

  10. I feel like i need to point out that its like 13 degrees & raining in canberra today & i hope you’ve not got ths bad boy on today?! Make someethng warm… or you’ll be all chicken skin in no time 😛

  11. It’s freezing! I pack this away yesterday and I’m pretty sure I won’t see it again until October… Tis the life of a Canberran!

  12. Nice! And that big smile says a lot. I actually though the necklace was a part of the top at first, a bit of bling sewn on and was loving it. I am even more impressed now I find it’s handbag handles. Boo-yeah!

  13. I’m pure handbag handles class! The lovely shop lady looked at me crazy when I was telling her my plans!

  14. This fabric is delish! And – it’s a necklace – who knew! I thought it was a chunktastic trim! I laughed when I read about your school tops – guilty as charged here too. Classic 90s love it.

  15. OK, I’ll confess that I wouldn’t have looked twice at that fabric, but you make it look GOOD!! 🙂 And I love the bag handle necklace, that is so awesome!! I thought it was just beading or something. And seriously?! Slippery silk with a non-dominant foot? You are a rock star!

  16. yup, love the accessory – looks smashing with it. A little lonely without. Love your posts. Always make me giggle!

  17. A nude neck!!!!! I’m still laughing! You are too much! I LOVE this on you! So cute! I like the way the back is scooped a bit– so cute! I used this same fabric (in a different colorway) to line my Anise jacket– isn’t it the raddest?? But I’m so sad that you were in NYC and I missed you!

  18. It’s total stealth mode necklace! And it makes me laugh that bad school shirt tuck ins happened in other places!

  19. Thanks, Tors! I have a problem with huge jewellery… But there are worse things to be addicted to!

  20. Thanks, Rosy! It feels so decadent on. Pity the weather has turned yucky so I’m not wearing it for a while 🙁

  21. Ohh, fancy silk twins! I’m now going to stalk your Anise again to see the other colourway! Next time I’m in NYC we’ll have to catch up!

  22. I totally remember the old tuck in at the front pull down over the butt at the back (usually with a Hypercolour tshirt and a wicked teased fringe to boot). Reminds me of high school days.

    I’m so into ikat at the moment, this looks awesome!!

    Ps. Hope you don’t have one shrivelled leg and one butch one now 😉

  23. I always wnated a hypercolour shirt but I never got one 🙁
    And lefty is totes tiny and sad looking now. All power to righty!

  24. I am so cautious.( read scared) of sewing silk! But you’ve made it look so easy- what a top tank. And what fun to be a pattern tester too. Fab you’ve made something so useful with such special fabric.

  25. Silk scares the pants off me (good thing I have a stash of skirts or it could get awkward around here!) This is my second attempt with the stuff as the first was all kinds of hot mess…

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