Amanda vs The Hollyburn Skirt

They always say that a good crafter should not blame their tools but themselves if something goes awry. Well here’s the rub- I’m not a good crafter, I’m a sassy one. So when my first attempt at making a Hollyburn skirt failed epically I so blamed the corduroy that I used as a the problem. I mean, hello, that sucker just wasn’t draping. Sure, it was my fault for picking it but really I feel the cord should have tried harder to drape when it was sewed up to make me happy. So attempt number one was filed away into hot mess territory and I had a second bash at making a Hollyburn but this time in a drapey fabric. And check me and my bad self out because this one is totes a winner!

Yup. That’s a one way ticket to drape city! So let’s take a moment to process the fact that I made something without a print. I know. This be cray-cray. Amanda without printed fabric is like a schnitzel without mushroom sauce or my phone without 5,274 pictures of my dogs. I’m not going to lie- this actually challenged me quite a bit. I felt extra pressure from myself to make sure everything lined up perfectly because there was no print to hide behind. And even more challenging was the addition of piping. For some reason the idea of piping a make has been terrifying me for ages so I was rather surprised with how stress free it was and also how well it turned out. I mean, check out the piping match on the back of this skirt. Straight as a ruler but far more awesome and pipe-y…

One thing I do want to mention is that I was inspired to make this pattern from a sewalong being held by the always lovely maker of rad clothes and fabulous sorbet Rachel from My Messings. And because I am also a bit of a lazy time-efficent lady I am so using this as well as my double sewing dare as provided by the sassy Gillian from Crafting A Rainbow. Gillian totes threw down sewing in a block colour and also trying piping. Three birds, one stone- I’m calling this a win… But I’m hyper-competitive with myself so I say why stop the shenanigans there? It was time to go even nuttier so I added an epic striped bias binding to the hem and then spent a few lunch hours catch stitching that sucker down good. Thank god I had to finish this before Thursday otherwise who knows where I would have gone next… Bedazzled pockets, a Victorian bustle, propellor wings. You know, the usual.

So let’s talk about what worked with this pattern:

  • The fit was nice and simple. Based on the adjustments I made with my Crescent Skirt I decided to trace the size down from what was suggested. And even with my ill fated corduroy make the skirt fit perfectly around the waist. It is super comfortable to sit in and the waistband lays flat when I’m standing. Win!
  • I love the flow and drape of the skirt (once it is not a hot mess of cord). I just want to spend the whole time spinning around… If only I had a montage to show this…
Oh yeah. I totes went Rocky on you but with the added bonus of Pterdactyl arms. Yup. I went twirling dinosaur montage just for y’all. I montage because I care.
So what I would change for next time:
  • I’d like to try the different lengths. I really like the look of the below the knee one for autumn/winter with tights and boots. Could be a winner.
  • Tabs. I felt like it could verge into to much craziness happening with this skirt if I had piping and tabs with buttons on them. Who knows, it could have been the right kind of crazy. Or just plain old hot mess. I’m thinking tabs and I are going to be BFFs when I make a patterned version of this.
This skirt is just super cute and adorable and I must admit to being a little unsure on how to rock it. I mean, wearing this makes me want to skip through fields of flowers, hug puppies and ride a unicorn or something. Actually, that gives me an idea…
Miss Bimble approves of this outfit. She also approves of your reading this post and commenting on her adorableness. Miss Bimble may be a little vain and fluffy but who am I to question her…



  1. “I’m not a good crafter, I’m a sassy one” is my favourite blog quote… ever! The skirt looks awesome. You always manage to make things that fit so well so I am guessing you are good at measuring at least?!

    Top marks 🙂

  2. Hello Drape Queen! I must admit I did fall off my chair when I saw this SOLID COLOUR SKIRT… like hello? what is she doing? 😉
    Gorgeous as always, as well as the best read of the week. 🙂

  3. ayyyyy I love it! Maybe you should try the block colour thing more often Ms Pimble? It looks schmick!! My fav line – “I montage because I care”. Hilarity ensues.

  4. It’s a scary scary world in block colour land but I am game to have another bash at it again. Perhaps. Polka dots count as a block colour, right Mel?!?!?

  5. Judith, I may have spent an inordinate amount of time spinning around this afternoon. So much so husband refused to take any more photos. Bah, what fun is he?!

  6. Gorgeous! I love a twirly skirt. How rude that the cord wouldn’t drape for you! Iran really, just drape, it’s not that hard. I just got my sewing dare to make myself a dress and use the same material to make Imogen something. I am pretty excited about it! Oh and miss bimble = super cute!

  7. Such a lovely dare, Kat. I can’t wait to see what loveliness you make for yourself and Imogen- I’m sure it will be rad! Miss Bimble sends her regards 😉

  8. Oh Miss Bimble, you are just so adorable! Speaking of adorable, that skirt! So cute. My figure won’t allow me to wear this style skirt (baby belly, ugh) but your version makes me want to go to yoga class and work on my abs. You know, so I can wear this skirt. 😉

  9. Miss Bimble sent me an email to say she wants an awesome matching Hollyburn too. But in red with black piping. She would’ve told you herself but she’s having a diva moment after being featured on your/her blog…

  10. Looks great, love the contrast piping! I made this up in a linen awhile ago and thought it looked terrible on me but I think it’s cos the fabric had no drape so might have to copy you and try it again in a lovely drapey fabric!

  11. Your Hollyburn looks fabulous… love the piping detail. I love mine as well and really enjoyed Rachel’s sewalong! Looks like two of us have accomplished a sewing dare this week. Mine was to make a pencil skirt… 1 down and now I’m making another as the lining turned into a skirt of it’s own LOL.

  12. The color, the piping wow wee!! I’m hanging on in hopes to still see bedazzled pockets and propeller wings! I need to add more solid colors to my wardrobe. I can’t get away from prints!!

  13. You’ve totaly inspired me! i found a couple metres of pale blue chambrey at the op shop recently, and I want to make a sundress from it when the time comes… but now I see: Of course it MUST have piping! I love how much energy and life it adds to the skirt. I’m so impressed with what you made!

  14. your posts kill me (in a good way).

    “I feel the cord should have tried harder to drape when it was sewed up to make me happy”

    uh, yeah, come on fabric, do your job!
    …and miss bimble is totes adorbs

  15. get out! this is all kinds of fab. and just lookatchoo with the piping!

    seriously though, I didn’t think much of this skirt pattern until I saw yours. And now, all I want is an awesome blue Hollyburn with fabulous piping.

  16. Very nice! 🙂 I commend you on the piping – I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet myself lol Nice choice of solid colour, too 🙂 Tabs are a good idea but why not Bedazzle too? 😉 lol

  17. Beautiful, and great job on the piping! I did some piping recently but it was rubbish and a total wadder!! Stupid slippy satin piping, yep , I totally blame my tools too!

  18. Beautiful skirt, i love the solid color and works perfect line to break at the seams joining … Definitely it’s a winner!

  19. Loving you and your skirt! The piping is flawless, kudo (and much jealousy) to you. Solid colour for the win, although it is a tad weird seeing you without a single print. Whatcha gonna do with the naughty cord, any plans?

  20. Tors, that sassy cord is learning to fear me! I’m not sure yet- I may make a pair of winter shorts from it…

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