Amanda vs Victoria Blazer

The last time I started a new job I got it into my head I needed to sew myself some work dresses. Never mind the fact I hadn’t sewn in years and years- who needs practise when you have a burning desire to create something and a massive G&T to help you on your way? Needless to say my attempt at the gorgeous Macaron pattern ended up a red hot mess and I put sewing aside for a ways again. So when I recently found out I had secured a super rad new job no one should be surprised that I spent my week off before starting sewing up a storm. Five days. Three dresses. One blazer. A lot of Parks & Rec. I present to y’all my Victoria Blazer!

Totes kicking it work appropriate style!

I’m more than a little happy to say this bad boy took me one evening of tracing and cutting and one day of sewing to pull together. And if I may share a dirty secret? I didn’t toile this sucker at all. With it’s simple silhouette and the awesome fit I had from my epic Elisalex I trusted the By Hand London ladies to not lead me astray.

I went a grey cotton sateen for this bad boy figuring the weight would lend to some nice structure. The lining is a simple black and whit polka dot poplin that I always seem to grab a metre of if I putter past Lincraft. I was tossing up whether or not to go contrast collar, lapels and cuffs for this but in the end only went cuffs as it is for work and I wanted it to go with a bunch of different outfits. I never thought I would see the day where practical overrode prints in my world. What is happening? Someone should hand me a giant French 75 and a handful of cookies STAT!

Phew. T-rex arms make everything better in Amanda-land!

The idea of actually trying to make a jacket was completely freaking me out. I was having images of pad stitching and crazy bound button holes and all kinds of major skillz of which I am yet to master. So let me state clearly- Victoria is a blazer for jacket scaredy cats. The craziest thing about the whole business are some super clever shaping darts that end up making your collar sit like a dream. And once you have a wee gander on the ole BHL sewalong page they become a piece of cake. I mean, check this collar out. If I can do that a drunk marmoset trying to sew on a beach ball can do it.

The only thing about this pattern that I would change up front is to line the sleeves. As I hadn’t jacketed before (totes made up a new word- yay!) I wanted to follow the instructions to the letter so didn’t go there. But now I’ve made it I am ready for the glory of the lined sleeve. I am still thinking I may Hong Kong seam the armholes- they currently have a serged lining which is slip stitched onto the shell seam. Some pink binding could be a super cute feature now I come to think of it…

I had some problem easing the sleeve head in as the sateen would not stretch. I wrangled that bad boy for a good 20 minutes but in the end I eased the whole way around the armhole. As a result there isn’t that fantastic shoulder silhouette but hey- it still looks rad!

And the back silhouette is pretty cool- even if it does look like I’m flashing the wall… Awkward…

But more importantly. Can we take a look at the cutest cuffs ever. Gah! These things are like little slices of polka dotted perfection!

But enough swooning over teeny tiny polka dots…

What I liked about this pattern:

  • The clear and well illustrated instructions in the book were fabulous! In saying that, I am a lady who likes me some further deets on things so the step by step sewalong was my main resource for this make. Laziness win!
  • The fancy collar dart thang. It is super stealth yet helps give the collar great structure and polish.
  • How simple it was. I was able to knock the sewing together on one day which was a plus 😀
What I would change for next time:
  • Line the sleeves like a boss.
  • Go a contrast lapel and collar combo as well. I’m loving all the versions I’ve seen!
  • Ease the sleeve head in properly to get that really defined shape. If I’m rocking an 80s inspired blazer I want to be all up in it Dorothy Zbornak style. Those shoulders need to POP!
    To the left: epic sleeve head fail.
    To the right: owning the sleeves head like a boss.

Hell yeah you own that sleeve head, Dorothy! I like to think had I remained in classroom teaching I too would have developed the almighty power of the Zbornak stare. Sheer. Majesty.

But I digress. This blazer totally makes me feel like I should be on Miami Vice strutting down past the beach with it casually tossed over my shoulder. If you will excuse me there is something I must attend to…
Like. A. Boss.


  1. Flashing the wall? Awkward alright! hehe Made me laugh. Goodluck with the new job, you’re smokin’ in the blazer lady. 🙂

  2. PRO-LIF-IC! What a week off! You know I can’t wait to see all these new makes. I’ve had this pattern sitting around since it was released and haven’t gotten around to making it, Your version is cool with those polka dots and looks very tidy indeed. You know you do a pretty good Dorothy look!

  3. Look at you! You’ve done such a great and neat job! The cropped version + polka dots make it look more fun vs. a real “business” jacket! I hope your new job is fun too!

  4. Rock on, sista – you are OWNING the cropped blazer!! Love the fabric combo – it looks very profesh!! Good luck at your new job & congrats! 🙂

  5. Love it! Look at you sewing practical stuff! I have a week of sewing lined up, not sure I’ll be as productive as you, but I’m gonna try…

  6. OMG. like a needed ANOTHER reason to get this pattern – I’m loving it!! So smart and spiffy!! It looks freakin awesome, and I can’t wait to hear all about the new job at Frocktails. Which is like, in less than a month now! wheeee!

  7. Miami vice meets T. rex- all that’s missing is the sunnies! They’re going to be sending an APB out for your jacket as surely you have made a work essential, I bet it’ll look super cute with a frock too…loving the polka dot cuffs.

  8. Ha now I’m imagining a drunk marmoset sewing on a beach ball. Hilarious! But I’m other news you are the queen of jacketness! That my friend, is one schmick. I’m going back to full time work next week. Maybe you could whip me up one 😉

  9. I am on a new pattern buying ban and you are not helping! That jacket is awesome, love the polka dots too. Good luck for the new job and I look forward to hearing about it at Frocktails!

  10. Glad to see you back and a wonderful blazer. I am considering this but it looks tricky, Might do some simpler makes before and build up to it

  11. crazy week of sewing has been followed by a fortnight of nothing so I figure it evened itself out! teehee!

  12. Thanks, Inna! I’m yet to debut it at work- I’m thinking Friday may be the big reveal. Fingers crossed!

  13. Merci, Mel! And I have to get started for my frocktails number. I can’t believe it is so soon. SQUEEE!

  14. BWAH HA HA!
    Though in my head I am now seiing Don Johnson in Miami Vice being played by a t-rex. Seriously. Rad.

  15. Thanks, Carolyn! It’s been super awesome so far- and people have been asking where I got my dresses from. BWAH HA HA!

  16. Frustratingly not v well : ( Simple dress becoming ever more complicated and bearing a close resemblance to hospital gown. Am going to put it to one side and make a ‘quick’ top for eldest’s birthday next week.

  17. Every time i convince myself I don’t really need this pattern someone else posts another corker. I love this, almost as much as I love your T Rex arms.

  18. Oh, fabulous blazer! I love the polka dot lining. I love polka dots in general. I just sewed a 1920s style dress and made a polka dot underslip. Really, shouldn’t everything have just a touch of polka dot?? I like you flashing the wall. 🙂 I sense this will be your Christmas Card pic!!!

  19. AHAHAHAHA!!! There’s something about making this ridic awesome pattern that makes one feel like a sew BOSSY QUEEN!! I had the same feelings of “Dude, I TOTALLY jacketed!!” when I was done.

    Your version kicks ass and the post itself had me LOLing all around my sewing room ;o)
    I, too, aspire to Zbornak greatness about the shoulders for version, two. I have four children, so I’ve already got the stare down -.-

  20. AHHHH! I love this jacket! I love the lenght and the colour and the polka dots!

    Just found your blog and I already want to read it top to bottom. And you skate! Awesome!

    Have you made some skating friendly stuff? I would love padded jeans but no idea of where to start.

    X G

    • Thanks, Giorgia! I made several pairs of tights for derby training and also some tees and singlets but no padded items. Sadly injury forced my skating retirement 🙁 I hope you have lots of fun making a skate wardrobe – all the cool lycra can make for great training and bout gear! 😀

      • I understand how you feel. I have briken my coccyx skying ans have been forced to stop for more than a year now, but don’t really want to call it retirement 🙂 thanks for the tips!!

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