Hi Ho Pony Tunic!

Howdy partners.

I have gone a roped me one fine filly… I call her Pony Tunic!

Ponies and Spots

Yee hah! Here she is all saddled up…

Pony Tunic

Such lovely fetlocks and other horse words that I can’t really recall from reading Saddle Club at age 11. Mane, sugar cube, side view…

Side Pony Tunic

No, that pony doesn’t have a pouch but instead has rad pockets at the front. All the better for hiding lassos, ten gallon hats and peanut butter M&M packets in (I so wish I hadn’t found a local store that stocks these).

So let’s talk Lisette 2245.

What I loved:

    • The pockets. They are stealthy but hold a bundle. Literally. I can fit a bundle of pencils in there- I totally tried this out just so I could use “hold a bundle” in a literal sense. Yup, that’s how committed I am to accurate pattern reporting!
    • The cuffs and yoke. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole look until it was done and now I’m loving it!
    • Sizing- I learnt from my last Lisette dress and immediately went down one size from the suggested and it fits well!
    • The pony fabric. I am so obsessed I went back to buy some more but it was long gone. Neeeeigh (that’s pony for sad)
    • The button closure on the back. Look at how adorable it is!


Pony Tunic Closure
What I would change for next time:
  • Length. I went for the middle length (I consider it tunic as opposed to shirt or dress) thinking this would be just right for me. Incorrect. That bad boy ended beneath my butt and no amount of opaque tights could make it work appropriate. Hence the polka dot band- no fashion statement here just the need to keep myself decent for work.
  • Instructions- I found Gwen’s and Chris’ sew-a-long so helpful and wish I had found it earlier in the piece. I think I have been spoilt with Colette Patterns’ lovely instructions. Or maybe it is time to get organised for sewing lessons and learn how to read patterns…
  • Play around with fabrics- I think this could make a lovely winter tunic is the right fabric.
Pony Tunic Back
Hmm… note to self- wear slip under Pony Tunic if mixing it up with opaques… Things you learn from photos of yourself on the internet…

Overall, I’m quite surprised with this pattern. I actually bought it to make the shirt length version but the pony fabric begged to be used for something grander so I had to comply. This will make a cute work outfit now that it is a more respectable length and I think I may try and knock out a top in the same style soon as well.

Stay tuned because a lot has happened over this long weekend (Happy Easter everyone!) Epic fabric, dodgy patterns and a started and finished polka dot dress…

*rides off into the sunset*



  1. Very cute tunic! I love the fabric. I want to make some more dresses in novelty fabrics like this. I am always too safe and stick to traditional patterns but there are so many fun patterns out there to be used.

  2. Hi Kat- and thank you so much! I choose not to see pony fabric as novelty but as essential- I find that has helped me overcome my fear of prints teehee!Just wait until I share the crazy that I bought at Spotlight yesterday. It makes the pony print look sedate and stylish!

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