Amanda vs Sleeved Sorbetto

Dear Diary,

Today I, like, totally made myself a skirt inspired by ModCloth. It is totes awesome and I can wear it out on my next dream date with Chad. He is, like, super cute and the quarterback of the football team! How can he not ask me to prom after seeing this awesome skirt?
Like, Awesome!

But when I put this skirt on I was all “OMG. I don’t have a top to wear with it. I must sew something, like, now”. So I totally grabbed some Japanese poplin I had bought at Spotlight with my Hello Kitty credit card that my super BFF Britney had pointed out. Thanks Britz, I like so heart u!


I’d made a Sorbetto before but sleeveless is so last season, so I totally scoured the interwebz looking for a sleeve pattern. This one by Claire at Sew, Incidentally totally fits the bill. But when I, like, started cutting the fabric I realised I hadn’t paid attention to how much I needed when I bought it cause I was looking at some hot Ryan Gosling craft memes. Oh wells. I totally made it work with some creative cutting though!

New Sorbetto

But, then, a total tragedy- like that time I saw Tiffany totally macking on Brad at Chelsea’s party happened. The sleeves pieces were too short! Oh em gee! What could I do? I, like, managed to find some bits of fabric and totes extended the ends of the sleeves by 2cm at each end. Phew! And then the sleeves totally worked! It was awesome! The look so cute and profesh on the outside…


Did you totes see my Drinks Monitor badge? It was a gift from my sorority sister Emma- Pi Cappa Chewbacca Delta 4 lyfe!

And how cute is the inside? I was totally all about serging cause French seams take, like, forever and I had a football game to get to last night.


So, what I, like, totally loved about this pattern:

  • It was so totally easy to modify. Luv the sleeves!
  • How quick it was- like, two hours all up including having to change threads in the serger.
  • How much Chad is going to love this top!

Ugh, if I make this pattern again I am totally changing:

  • Going for, like, a lighter fabric. I’m thinking a lawn or voile would be totally hot for this summer!
  • Putting a yoke in the front. Cause, like, how nice is it to show a little skin? You know, your decopuage or whatever the word is can, like, totally be on show and it won’t look skanky and stuff.


So, I am so going to wear this really soon to show it off to Chad. Fingers, like, totally crossed he will ask me to prom. We’re so going to be going steady.



  1. You really, really crack me up. Not many people do. 🙂

    And, like, omg, I totally love your pretty pretty top- Chad will TOTALLY ask you out to prom, no questions. Definitely. You might even get some if you know what I mean!

  2. OMG, Steph! Thank you so much! You are, like, too kind!

    Oh, and Chad and I are totally going steady now. He, like, just text me and stuff. It’s so awesome. We’re going to be Prom King and Queen!

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