Amanda vs Iris Shorts: Curtain Edition

Does anyone else have fond memories of Sound of Music? I totes wanted to frolic in hills covered with flowers and have an epic staircase ready for songs but most importantly CURTAIN CLOTHES!

Let’s have a quick glance at the epicness of hill frolicking in curtain clothes:

Courtesy of Analogue Chic


Sheer. Majesty.
How can you not be inspired by the epicness of Julie Andrews belting out songs that mention deer and string and mittens? MITTENS, people! So when it came time for me to brave making a shorts muslin I got in touch with my inner Maria von Trapp (she says hai and eat some strudel) and grabbed some sweet Ikea curtain fabric from my stash. And yes, I have an Ikea fabric section to my stash. Doesn’t everyone?!
And here, gentle readers, is where I do my own frolicking over hill tops in curtain clothes. Just as a fair warning- the fabric I have chosen is my kind of awesome. Patterned and ridiculously bright. So, without further ado, I call this photo “Girl in curtain shorts breaking a move in front of garage in 5 degree weather”


Iris Shorts Dancing
Mmmhmm. I don’t know about you but I think Captain von Trapp is going to come a calling asking for some rad fashion tips for the missus and her upholstery couture adventures. Just sayin’…

Iris Shorts Flat

But in all seriousness, I am in love with these pants. These bad boys were meant to be a muslin but as I sewed them up and fitted them, at every step they were more awesome than the last. The only concern I have with the finished product is the length. I have a vague recollection reading somewhere Colette Patterns are for lasses of 168cm in height. As a 172cm lady who is of an age where I like a little length in my shortables (yes- I play derby, no- I don’t wear hot pants) I’d like that extra 4cms. In saying that, these are perfect for derby and when I wore them on Tuesday night they not only survived the piercing stare of some of the style mavens I skate with but also held together with repeated falls, hip whips and pack manouvering work.

Iris Shorts Front

What I liked about this pattern:

    • Nice flat waistband.
    • The fit- sheer.majesty.
    • Easy to follow instructions.
    • The super hidden ninja front pockets. They have polka dots!
Iris Shorts Pockets
What I would change for next time:
    • The aforementioned length issue.
    • Use an appropriate coloured zip. Note to self: stop getting distracted in fabric stores!
    • This is more a heads up for peeps- I sit between a 10 and 12 in Colette size and I rounded up with these bad boys and it was perfect. I mean, check out this back view (side note: that could be quite possibly the sassiest thing I ever write on here. I do believe my ears are all pink)
Iris Shorts Back
In closing, these shorts are rad. Yes, I said rad. I’m single handedly bringing back early 90s slang with these shorts. And they are indeed so rad, I must off to finish my fuchsia pair and start on my turquoise pair. Because if I can’t have prints I want colours so bright your eyes bleed. Nevertheless, up, up and away, Super Manda!
Iris Shorts Cape



  1. You know I really love that length on you, and on everyone i’ve seen these on; I think perhaps you may need to give it a chance! 🙂 …. they are definitely NOT hot pants! LOL Don’t want to verge into Bermuda shorts territory now …. the 80’s are long gone for a reason hehehe ^___^

    Also, I say “rad” all the time, and I’m sure people make fun of me behind my back but i don’t care LOL.

  2. Your posts are hilarious! I love the print. They don’t look too short, no way! I live on the Gold Coast so I’ve seen a lot shorter!!!

  3. Mads- thank you so much! How great is the print?! I have an a-line skirt I made out of it a few years ago that sadly no longer fits. I may have to hack it up for more supplies…

  4. Merci, Symon! The lat thing I want is a Bermuda shorts thing. I’ve made the fuchsia ones 4cm longer so I’ll pop up a post about those and if you start seeing Golden Girls moments happening- please let me know 😀 (P.S. I think the fact you say rad IS rad!)

  5. Kat- I worked on the Gold Coast for a year and darn tootin’ there was some of the shortest “shorts” I have ever seen there. Jeepers! And thank ye for the lovely compliment 😀

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