Amanda vs The Colette Violet Blouse

*this post needs the Old MacDonald Had A Farm tune*

Epic Manda made a shirt E-I-E-I-O


And on that shirt there was some spots
With some mad loops here
And some sweet gathers there
Here’s a Pimble
There’s a side view
Even looks good with a cardi


Epic Manda loves her shirt E-I-E-I-O!


What I loved about this pattern:
  • The freaking Peter Pan collar. I have been hating on these for years now but you add Skittle sports and voila! epic collar.
  • Easy fitting- it is designed to be billowy (which I am not a huge fan of) so I axed it down a size and I love the way it fits.
  • The ridiculously cute button loops. I refuse to use the 5 gajillion step button hole function of failure on my machine so this was an epic way around it. I used the tutorial on the Colette site.
What I would change for next time:
  • Sew the buttons further across immediately. I found this top to be quite gape-y and had to move the buttons from their original position.
  • More cocktails. Seriously that’s it. I can’t believe how much I like this shirt. It’s kinda freaky and weird and I’m worried I have some kind of Peter Pan loving brainwashing happen when I’ve been asleep…
Is anyone else holding out on the Peter Pan collars? Or are peeps all over this already?


  1. I have laboured over the 5 gajillion step button hole function of failuer too and never came up with such a lovely alternative- I am in loop love.

  2. I hate the button hole function on my machine too. I avoid it at all cost. I think I need to try the loops as an alternative.
    Also, I’m skeptic of the PP collars. They are so cute but I fear I’ll look twelve if I tried it out. But maybe I should just go with it?

  3. Thanks, Pinky! I knew my machine couldn’t be the only one with the button ole function of doom. Give into the lure of the loops. You know you want to! 😛

  4. Natalie- the loops are calling to you and they were fabulously easy! Until I can replace my lovely old Janome (she’s 20 and a beloved hand me down) I’ll be living la visa loopa… I’m doing the Peter Pan collar with jeans and the like to avoid the crazy school girl vibe. Surprised at home much I love it. This pattern is pretty sweet two I say give it a bash 😀

  5. One. This totally cracked me up.

    Two. Most disgusting photo of Pops ever!!!!! Do I even want to know what is on her face? ;D

  6. Miss Bess, I’ll have you know that Poppington Bear is in Soviet Russia in that photo. She is a wet bearded babushka. And two, thank ye 😀

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