Amanda vs Chantilly Dress

Dear Chantilly,

You know how I totes said we would be BFF forever and I would take you dancing and frolicking in meadows and stuffs? Yeah, well I lied. You broke my heart with your painful construction and numerous screw ups. It’s over.

Keep it real,

P.S. I’m going back to Ginger again. She treats me right!
Ta da!

I’m not sure where to even begin with the shenanigoats that I wrestled with for the construction of this dress. In fact- they are so boring and not worthy of an Iliad style saga. Instead I’m choosing to focus on the positive. Chantilly’s finished and I am quite besotted- or should that be be-spotted?! Eh?! Eh?! (Comedic gold here for free, gentle readers)

Check out this gathering- doesn’t it say “billowy” and “Amanda, you’re pretty awesome please eat some cake I baked for you”? And yes, this is a very awkward photo of my chest taken by me using the reverse camera function on my phone. Crazy times…


The lining is a bit of a mismatch but I got to use up a bunch of fabric bits I had stashed so that is a win. And mismatched lining is so in this season- hadn’t you heard.
Crazy Lining

So, what I loved about this pattern:

  • The yoke. Could it be any cuter? Only if tiny unicorns used it as a race track…
  • The lack of FBA needed thanks to my new best friend- gathering.
  • How easy the skirt was.

Next time, I would totes change:

    • The fabric I used- something lighter and softer would be nicer.
    • Nip the sides in a teeny bit- it’s just a bit loose in the midriff.
    • Finish the bottom of the lining properly. I was honestly all about the serge by the end of this never ending project…
Spun Out

Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out even if it did take over 20 hours of work and many, many consolation beverages. And now I have the perfect polka dot dress. And you know what that means? I need MORE!



  1. oo good to know about the lack of FBA needed… and congrats on conquering that darn Chantilly – me, I’m rassling with a vixen named Pastille right now, so i totally feel your pain! Looks like it was worth it though, she’s a cute flirty thing, your dotty Chantilly ^__^

  2. I know, right? There is nothing that makes me happier than a lack of FBA, Symon! I so can’t wait to see how Pastille turns out for you- she’s a bit of a crafty minx that one! Good luck!

  3. Gaby- it was totes worth it in the end though there were times I was (literally) shaking my fist at it. I find a good fist shaking helps move a creative process along!

  4. hi, amanda!
    you say you’d like a tighter bodice–that will feel warmer on a hot day. the dress looks great as is–think carefully about making it more close-fitting. the style is very becoming to your figure.–anne

  5. Thanks, Shannon! I like that other sewists get the whole “I’ve spent 20 hours on this dress and it is driving me nuts but I still love it” vibe. I think my husband gets confused by it all… 😀

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