Summer Wardrobe: Complete!

My outfits brings all the fashionistas to the yard.

Ensemble 1

And they’re like… It’s better than stores!

Ensemble 2

Damn right- it’s more awesome than yours…

New Ensemble 1

I could buy stuff, but then I’d have to charge… (with my card)

Ensemble 2

Yeah, that’s right- I’m so excited about finally finishing all of the items on my summer sewing challenge that I have appropriated Kelis’ Milkshake. I am going to be upfront about my full reliance on Colette Patterns for my summer wardrobe: I’m now rocking  one Parfait, two Macarons, three Peonies, three Gingers and four Sorbettos. Yup- I totes have a problem but I am cool with it.

There were no real new challenges with these pieces- though I have learnt a valuable lesson about how easily cotton twill crushes (very). Also, I had made bias binding for one of the Sorbettos but by the time I went to use it it had unravelled and was looking like a hot mess. I ended up using satin bias binding and that was a challenge in itself. Much like trying to wrestle a wet cat into a bathtub… (It’s best not to ask)…

Top 1

I’m happy with how all of these turned out. I now have enough work clothes to get me through the week and I am receiving compliments about my work attire for the first time. It’s crazy fun and super cool!

Top 2

And now with a summer wardrobe out of the way I can get sewing on really fun stuff. Coming up soon will be my first attempt at a cape, a polka dot tea dress, a breezy Chantilly dress and some sailor shorts for derby.

Well, that and plan for autumn…


  1. Thanks RTS and Kat- I am super excited my summer wardrobe is finished! Though upon reflection today I need to add another Ginger skirt and a Taffy top to my super sewing odyssey. On to the cape tomorrow!

  2. wow, you are a machine!!! I think reliance on colette just means you’ve found a formula that works for you & allows you to produce more lovely items in less time 😉 Ask me, I can make excuses for any sewing addiction lol

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