The 97 Minute Skirt

Some of my best uni memories are of me heading out for a night of cheap entertainment (read: bad wine) in a skirt I had thrown together that afternoon after grabbing some cheap and cheerful cloth at the local fabric remainders shop… There was the 30 minute denim bowling number, the orange floor length skirt with an embroidered Mini driving along the bottom and the cowboy and Indians flannel skirt with light grey cowboy fringing along the edge…

In hindsight, I really wish I had kept these pieces as I moved into teaching but I was so desperate to conform and appear “professional”. Though perhaps the facial piercing and pink hair streaks didn’t help this…

Regardless, these skirts form the basis of my love of sewing. It was sewing not only for purpose but for the sheer joy of it. An afternoon spent at my parents house with a box of crazy notions, using my Mum’s old machine (which has followed me to where I am now) and calling down the hall for help if I needed it. I had minimal skill, no serger, no pattern and just learnt to fit things in my own dodgy way to my body. It was wonderful!

Skirt Zip

And I felt that a bit today when I realised I really didn’t have anything to wear to watch a derby bout tonight. The weather was stinking hot and my sundress was in the wash and I had less than two hours to go. And it struck me- a-line skirt time! I grabbed my awesome new grey polka dot fabric, my modified Colette Ginger pattern and got cutting.

Quick Skirt

And 97 minutes later I was wearing my new skirt. And it felt AWESOME! It is simply finished (serging win!) and so cottony and light. Match it with a pair of pink cons and a white shirt and it was good to go.

Derby Skirt

I’m looking forward to getting started on some bigger projects soon but I think this was just what the doctor ordered.

Skirt for Derby

Gentle readers, do you have any special projects or sewing activities that revitalise you? Or is this just a Amanda thing?


  1. I wish I could make something do fast!! Alas I’m still at a stage (or maybe it’s just me) where everything takes so long and I’m always a bit nervous cause I’m doing something new or unfamiliar lol 🙂 I would love to have the experience (and stash on hand!) available to do something spontaneous and feel relaxed doing it – maybe someday ^__^

  2. Symon- you’ll be there in no time! It’s so well worth getting some cheap and cheerful fabric and setting some time aside to play! (in my opinion) I learn so much just by trying to throw things together!

  3. Thanks! I’m getting there… I think it’ll help, too, once I get a few tried & true patterns fitted to me that I don’t have to muslin lol 🙂

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