Amanda vs Grainline Scout Woven Tee

Oh, December. You’re a cruel and sassy minx. You lure me in with the thoughts of Christmas and time back in Queensland with the family. And then KAPOW! Four weeks of consecutive illness with the cherry on top being laryngitis. Some peeps may be upset about losing their voice but I instead view it as an awesome opportunity to re-record all of my voice mail greetings. I mean, who doesn’t want to sound like a sassy jazz vixen on their phone? Not me!
But as always I digress. The sewing picking are slim this month but this sickbed seamstress managed to piece together a glorious Grainline Scout Woven Tee and yet another pair of Iris shorts (yes, that is five pairs so far. I’m aware I have a problem). Summer here we come!

Could that fabric colour be any more epic? I think not! I am obsessed with this shirt- it is a coral linen jersey from The Fabric Store in Brisbane and I truly think it is one of the nicest fabrics I have ever worn. It is lovely and cool and has an epic drape. Which is super important if you are trying to rock a sickbed blue steel look…

Like a tiger… rowwwr!

And let’s take a moment for a quick shout out on my Iris shorts. I seriously feel like someone gave Colette Patterns my measurements for the perfect shorts when it comes to these. The only adjustment I made as always is to add two inches of length. And they may have the cutest polka dot pocket linings ever. I dare you not to squee when you see these…

Amanda- focus! We are here to focus on the most epic Grainline tee. So let’s get discussing…

What I loved about this pattern:

    • PDF assembling like a boss. This really didn’t take long to put together and it was easy to follow. Gotta love a Grainline pattern!
    • How straightforward it was. Honestly, if I had not french seamed everything I think I would have this knocked out in an hour or so. Let’s not talk about how much extra time the french seams took… Especially if you start your first set backwards. But that totes did not happen to me, I heard about that from a friend on another blog or something… >.>
    • The neckline. I often have trouble getting shirt necklines to be just right and this just hit things out of the park. No cray-cray shoulder/neck adjustments required. That makes for one happy sewist!
What I will change for next time:
    • Grade the pattern down in the waist and hips. This is a looser fit tee but this just does not work with my shape. I ended up taking in the sides 2 inches each side in the waist and hips to get the fit I like.
    • And that’s it. I love this pattern as it is. Also I don’t like having just a single dot point because it looks lonely so I added this as a point to pad things out. Yup, I fear illness has made me crazy…er.
And speaking of crazy… Today is the one year anniversary of my blog. Yay! I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who pops buy to check out what is happening in my little cray-cray corner of the internet. Your comments, links and general awesomeness has made this whole learning to sew thing so much fun! Y’all rock. Here’s to an epic new year full of sewing treats, great cheese and cocktails for all!



  1. No, Mands, YOU rock! Happy blogiversary and here’s to more crazy(er) sews in 2013. You need to wait another 5 whole years until you can go completely CA-RA-ZY to celebrate B&P properly in the year of the dog tho. Let the countdown begin!

  2. Awesome shorts and lovely shirt! That feeling of finding a PERFECT pattern that fits and is easy to make? SCORE! And congrats on your blogiversary!

  3. Happy blogiversary! Seriously, that shirt is fantastic, and I want some of that fabric, in that colour. Wonder if Wellington’s Global fabrics will have it…

  4. Delicious deep rose pink of the most perfect hue? Polka dot lining in the shorts? You’ve hit my two sweet spots. Sickbed sewing has paid off – can’t get over how well that pink suits you! Congrats on the one year, from one Virgo to another!

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s the best post-one-month-of-sickbed photo set ever. That shirt color looks brilliant on you! I’m also totally with you on the one bullet point thing…it drives me crazy! Happiest of blogiversaries to you, and I’m so glad to have discovered your blog!

  6. LOVE that color!! Congrats on a year of blogging ~ can’t wait to see what you do in the new year 🙂
    I was thinking of getting the pattern for the Iris shorts – I like yours – I may just have to order them now!

  7. Thanks, Jenny! Give in to the Iris shorts- I have had nothing but success with them and I now have two pairs in curtain fabric, one pair in denim and two pairs in wool… Gah- I’m an addict! 😉

  8. ah, another lover of the scout tee! that’s a great color and i’m sure you’re going to get so much wear out of it. and i love the polka dot iris lining!

    and congrats on your blogaversary!!! <3

  9. Yay! Congrats on your one year, and for two awesome additions to your wardrobe! 🙂 Both the tee and the shorts are super cute 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

  10. Oh I’m so late to the party. Have all the cheese and pineapples on sticks been eaten?
    Congratulations on a wonderful year of sewing!!
    It’s always great to see the eponymous Bimble and Pimble in a post too!

  11. Thank you, lovely! The fur kids get a bit cross when they’re not featured in a while. I should get some pics of them wit their summer haircuts and share. It’s too cute!

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