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I had a pretty sweet childhood. I grew up on a hobby farm where my first pet was a goat, we grew lots of fresh veggies and you grew to realise the scariest animal on the farm is always a goose. Always. One of the main perks of growing up where I did was the proximity to farm stalls selling fresh produce- berries, veggies and my favourite- pineapples. Those suckers fresh from the farm, warm from the sun, felt like a rite of passage for kids in Queensland. So when I started seeing lots of crazy pineapple fabric popping up on my Instagram feed recently I had to get onboard the awesome train. Because what is summer without pineapples? So say aloha to my epic summer of 2014 pineapple shorts!


For those not in the know this is the Iris Shorts by Colette Patterns. These are a super simple and super cute shorts pattern with stealth pockets in a side front seam. If you’ve been around the B&P traps for a while you’ve probably seen these pop up like sassy ninjas with lots of me-made tops. To date I’ve made 14 pairs but they’re always relegated to the supporting roles in photos of rad tops. No longer- viva la Iris shorts!


Now let’s talk this crazy awesome fabric! This is from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne and is a lovely linen. Being linen I was thinking it would be a cool and drapey number I could make an epic kaftan from, but alas! This has a heavier drape and needed some serious structure- shorts it is! The inside waistband and pockets are my ultimate polkadot cotton that I use to line most of my makes. It makes my me-mades feel like they’re from a single collection. Fancy!


I’ve made the Iris so many times now that all the kinks are smoothed out (not that there were really any to start with). As this version is for summer I added 4cm of length to the leg to give me a little bit more leg meat coverage. Which when I read that sounds peculiar but hear me out. The pattern is drafted for 5’6” and I’m 5’8” so when I’m not wearing tights under these it feels a little “hello, sailor!”. The only other amendments made was to under stitched the waistband and catch stitch it closed. Am I the only one who struggles with stitching in the ditch?


Construction wise these are crazy simple and the instructions are great. I can honestly knock a pair out from cutting to final iron is two hours. Magical! And let me just say, for my first time working with linen this stuff presses like a dream! Seriously. I want to run away and marry this linen so I never have to press another fabric again. *sigh*


What I liked about this pattern:

  • It’s such a quick easy make! Less than watching Guardians of the Galaxy on the laptop. Winning!
  • The lack of tweaking I need to fit these. I am almost tempted to turn these guys into wide leg trousers. Craziness!

What I would change next time:

  • Let’s be honest here. Nothing. I love this pattern so hard.

The Deets

Pattern: Iris by Colette Patterns

Fabric: 1m pineapple linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics, polkadot cotton lining from stash

Notions: Thread, 8” crazy blue green invisible zip

See also: My-zee-moo, Top Notch, A Good Wardrobe


I seriously love my pineapple shorts and see them being on high rotation this summer complete with pineapple based cocktail in hand! And speaking of cocktails, it’s New Years Eve and this lady has a French 75 with her name on it… Wishing everyone a fantastic new year and I can’t wait to see what mischief and mayhem we all get into in 2015. It’s going to be epic!



  1. These are pretty freaking rad! I love the extra length in them too.

    Am still tossing up on whether to make my pineapples into prefontaine shorts, or a graded-up version of the Kelly skirt. I’ve been promised a whole sewing day to myself tomorrow so yay!!

  2. I am super jealous both of your shorts and your childhood! I was lucky enough to grow up with an animal-loving mom, so we had, over the course of my youth: dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, a duck, ponies, and even a lizard smuggled from Puerto Rico. BUT my mom drew the line at goats and never let me have one, although it was my dream! 🙂 I should probably fire her and hire a new mom. 😀

    You look so cool in these! Here’s hoping that 2015 brings you much health, happiness, and a goodly helping of French 75s!

  3. Amaznda! (oops…spelled your name wrong, but I like it so I’m gonna leave it 😉 These are awesome-sauce shorts! I am so jealous of your warm weather down there! Hope you have a HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!! 🙂

  4. Love love love! They just scream Queensland summer. Maybe you and them should make a little trip to the Gold Coast 😉 I can’t wait to see up my pineapple fabric.

  5. I LOVE this fabric and I’ve finally gotten my hands on some (winging its way to me from Melbourne right NOW)! Your shorts look great; and I like the length…it’s very classy (and LOVE the polka dot lining).

  6. So firstly, and of course most importantly, is Guardians of the Galaxy any good? and would I enjoy it? (using your extensive knowledge of me of course)
    Secondly, totally rad shorts – I love the pineapples, so much whimsical fun!! Perfect summer wear!!

    • Milady, I love GoG so much! It’s my joint favourite Marvel movie tied with Iron Man- good silly fun 😀
      Pineapple fabric is totes applicable for your area- if you haven’t yet take a drive up Old Beerburum Road (IIRC) to Wamuran and there is a pineapple farm stall on the RHS just before you enter the township. Mmmm cheap pineapples. 😀

  7. Pinapples are so hot! I can’t wait to find some time to knock something out of my pineapple linen goodness. I believe I will be triplets and be following the pineapple Iris trend. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  8. Aloha!!! And a huge & rad happy 2015 to you!! And if you’re marrying the pineapple linen, possibly best you know that it has been seen around the best dressed young local seamstresses…. 😉
    These are fabulous & just what I had envisioned for such awesome fabric – until the siren call of culottes deafened me to all others – I do love these – gorgeous & fun! 😉

  9. happy new year! I’m yet to get myself some of this pineapple fabric. It seems every sewer in Australia has gotten themselves a few meters, and i totally want some, cause pineapples are so on trend right now… Anyway. i love those shorts! I have been making summer shorts from vintage patterns, but they dont really fit all that well. too pouffy in the front or they ride up in the crotch. These look so great on you! ill have to give them a try!

  10. You should be awarded a lifetime achievement award for services to Iris shorts! These are so damn cool I’m goosepimpled with jealousy.
    Plus you’re damy straight that geese are pure evil.

    • Bwah ha ha! I need to petition for that! I may have made another pair the day after these 😀
      And I bet you have a story about a goose- only those who have been hunted by their beady little eyes truly understand goose fear! 😉

  11. DOOD! I found you again finally! I have no idea how i lost you off my blogroll but I’m so glad you’re still in blogland!! Looking as cheeky as ever too – good stuff!! 🙂

  12. Nice pineapples Amanda. I too grew up in Qld and just yesterday when I ventured into my Sydney vege patch, there was a smell that took me right back to fruit trees in the yard. It was over ripe figs dripping with ants! Hubby tells me the smell area of your brain is next to location of long term memory. Smells definitely bring back memories for me. Must check out Darn cheap fabrics – thanks.

    • Thanks, Lesley! Ahh the fig tree- smell is truly the most amazing way to recall things. Queensland summers and summer fruit are unforgettable!


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