Amanda vs. The Jasmine Blouse

Picture this: Caboolture, 1999. A grunge-y young uni student decides to sew herself a purple and grey bowling shirt to match her new Doc Martens. Utilising mostly self-taught skills and an increasingly frustrated mother to decode instructions, she cuts and pins and stitches until the top is complete. Finished, the shirt is carefully pressed and…

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Amanda vs Chantilly Dress

Dear Chantilly, You know how I totes said we would be BFF forever and I would take you dancing and frolicking in meadows and stuffs? Yeah, well I lied. You broke my heart with your painful construction and numerous screw ups. It’s over. Keep it real, Amanda. P.S. I’m going back to Ginger again. She…

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Summer Wardrobe: Complete!

My outfits brings all the fashionistas to the yard. And they’re like… It’s better than stores! Damn right- it’s more awesome than yours… I could buy stuff, but then I’d have to charge… (with my card) Yeah, that’s right- I’m so excited about finally finishing all of the items on my summer sewing challenge that…

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The 97 Minute Skirt

Some of my best uni memories are of me heading out for a night of cheap entertainment (read: bad wine) in a skirt I had thrown together that afternoon after grabbing some cheap and cheerful cloth at the local fabric remainders shop… There was the 30 minute denim bowling number, the orange floor length skirt…

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