Moneta Dress

Amanda vs The Asaka Kimono

One of the best parts of uni was the ability to catch the occasional bit of daytime TV. I mean, sure, my degree and the ensuing career were all kinds of rad but we’re talking seriously cheesy soap operas here – Days of Our Lives, Passions, The Bold and the Beautiful. These little midday gems…

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Amanda vs Josie Dress

1980s Amanda has no idea she had it so good. She was living it up on a hobby farm with a pet goat and a pet goose, rocked some epic 80s sundresses and had access to the occasional piece of Mum-made Cherry Ripe slice. So pretty much living the dream. Now 2010s Amanda has things…

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Amanda vs Liberty Pirate Ships

Two words, peeps: Pirate. Ships. If there was anything that could have brought me over to buy some Liberty it was going to be pirate ships. Liberty, of the sweet florals and delicate art deco prints, has never grabbed me enough to shell over my hard earned clams to invest in it. But when I…

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Amanda vs the Anna dress

I like to think of myself as somewhat of an evil genius (in training). For Christmas I got my husband a long weekend away, staying at the beach in a safari tent, with me for company. And let me tell you I was declared the winner of thoughtful Christmas gifts. But what my dear other…

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